Legal Paper Matters LLC.

Who We Are

LPM is a consulting firm that can help you “go green with confidence” and improve your legal business office with innovative technological solutions and environmentally sensitive practices.   We can help you digitally create, store, collect, manipulate, communicate and report office information needed to accomplish basic business tasks. Read more…

We have many years of combined private law practice and government legal experience, government service, management experience, and information systems technological experience along with the analytical skills to help you create the best solutions for your legal business needs.  We have expertise in assisting law offices with automation of office processes, including legal case management, organization and management of documents, creation of work flow operational efficiencies, and improvement of practice-related presentations by using technology.  Our legal and information technology skills can help save you valuable time by modernizing the way you do business.

Why You Need Us

Still doing business the old-fashioned way?  Many do not modernize their legal business offices because they cannot spare the time, they lack the inclination, or they lack the expertise to do the detailed analysis the process requires, and it is simply easier to do things the way they have always been done.  Developing technological solutions to address business needs is what we do.   Read more…

Let us do what you may not have time, staff, knowledge, or experience to do to enhance your firms competitiveness and maximize earning power.

Let us help you modernize your office with a software and hardware needs analysis, process automation, case management, document management, and workflow development.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in assisting law offices with automation of office processes, including:

  • legal case management
  • organization and management of documents
  • creation of work flow operational efficiencies
  • improvement of practice- related presentations by using technology